Matt Salamone


Matt Salamone is 1/2 of Motionen and co-founder of the label Ascetic Limited. Matt has been a musician since 2002, audio engineer since 2005, and producer since 2010. In 2018 he started his solo project, Secus, with a forthcoming release on Ascetic Limited and SF based label, From 0-1.

Originally a drummer, he is strongly influenced by jazz and metal genre's, translating their deep, driving, and technical elements into his own composition of techno. His powerful yet dynamic approach aims to satisfy everyone on the dance floor.

Matt currently is living in Los Angeles working closely with 6AM Group and Synthetik Minds in curating monthly underground events. Through these events he has shared DJ Booths with artists such as Claudio PRC, Ness, Deepbass, Wrong Assessment, Viels, David ATT, Wata Igarashi, Jeff Derringer, Rebekah, Christian Gerlach, Mike Parker, Kangding Ray, Edit Select, Orphx, Reggy Van Oers, Etapp Kyle, Setaoc Mass, Exos, P.E.A.R.L, Kwartz and more.


Carlos Matamoros

Co-Founder/Creative Director

Carlos aka Altrd Being started in the techno scene as Chill-o VJ (Honduras) (Minimo Audio, Modular, Sunjam) doing visuals for some of the biggest parties in Honduras. Seeking for something more he traveled to Los Angeles to pursue a higher education in Video production. 

Soon after he parted the Honduran techno scene he found his home in the underground techno scene in LA. He has collected a variety of drum machines and synthesizers. After sequencing them for a few years he started releasing his tracks on Third Eye Records (Honduras) True type tracks' sister label GTK Musik from Guatemala and now on his own Imprint Altrd Music and as Motionen with Matt Salamone aka Secus having released vinyls on both Ascetic Limited Imprint of him and his partner Matt and Lanthan.Audio. 

Carlos Curates both L.A. Structures and Ascetic Limited in conjunction with a few of his friends in the city of angels his unique sound and flow has allowed him to travel to places like Mexico, Italy, Spain, Honduras and Georgia. Now he lives in Madrid from the beginning of 2018 where he continues to make waves in the underground.