Ascetic Limited is shifting gears, focusing on solo EPs dedicated to the artists that form the collective. To kick it off they present an EP from renowned Milanese techno producer Wrong Assessment, who throughout his career in techno has proven himself to be one of the most interesting producers coming out of Italy. From his collaborative works with the late Max_M as Overall Severity to his solo works as Wrong Assessment, his tracks are always unique.Influences ranging from Minimal to hard pounding Techno bangers, through House grooves and Ambient arrangements, he still is able to transmit his sound and vision with his music.

Wrong Assessment’s 8th Floor EP is comprised by (A1) Asceta - an ambient downtempo immersion that washes over the listener in preparation for what's to come. (A2) Empire, is a clear example of the great sound that Wrong Assessment has developed throughout the years, winding synth lines and driving techno beats with a great minimalist approach to sound. The title track, (B1) 8th Floor - a bouncy, playful track filled with great ambience that can fit into any DJ set and will drive the audience to the dance floor. Ending the EP on a heavy note, (B2) Radial brings heavy kicks and strong ambient works mixed with intense techno beats and brooding synth lines that will have the dance floor going insane.


Ascetic Limited is back with its third VA.
Side A consists of two prolific Italian producers. Antonio Ruscito starts the release with an intricate, atmospheric track titled Nube. Alfredo Mazzilli then brings the driving yet melodic banger, Transcendence.
Side B begins with David Att of Att Series out of Spain, with a dynamic, heavy hitting track titled Spirits. From Malta, Hail Blk brings Church Blk, with his signature dark, spacey yet groovy vibe. Label founders Motionen end the record with Escape Sequence, blending acid, arps, and big pads for a unique cinematic feel.


Ascetic Limited is back with its second VA.
Brooklyn, New York based and founder of Feed The Raver, Craft begins the record with a deep and emotional track, titled Time Will Tell. A man that needs little introduction, from M_REC, Wrong Assessment provides us Golcanda, a groovy track with a funky lead, but dark mysterious vibe.
On the B Side, Argentinian Joaquin Ruiz brings big raw drum sounds with his heavy hitting, yet hypnotic tune, Rituals. With a recent release on Materia, Italy based Viels ends the record with Loneliness, a massive tune consisting of his signature complex sound.


Ascetic Limited presents it's first VA, compiled by it's founders Motionen, a duo who focus on deep, hypnotic and acid techno sounds. Barcelona based Glaswegian Deepbass, with a recent album released on his own Informa, supplies his deep ambient techno soundscapes on A1. Titled Returned, it travels through the use of large reverberant drones and percussions while being pulsed by a sub kick. With a previous release on Australian label Android Musiq, Dorian Gray's Solivagant is a beautiful journey of choirs and drones, held together by a stepping beat. Straight Away by HOBI is far darker and is driven by fast tribal beats and circulates with impressive voice-like textures. Finally Lanthan.Audio owner Christian Gerlach brings Ascending on B2 which is equally as deep and hypnotic, giving focus to a twisted dubbed chord.


Imago EP is the first release by Motionen. The record starts with the title track, with experimental vocals transforming into bright, but soothing pads, offset by a dark, bass heavy, rhythmic beat. Side B begins with Aero, an open, atmospheric feel with scenic progressions bringing an upbeat vibe. Followed by Dialogue, which brings the listener back into a darker realm, with driving acid bass sounds and a boomy kick drum.




Ascetic Limited is starting a new catalog as an outlet for more frequent and alternative projects in which we aim to give the artists full control of their sonic expressions. To start off the series we present Altrd Being‘s first solo EP in 3 years after having released his last EP on Black Art Records (Colombia). One half of Motionen and co-founder of the label presents 3 tracks showcasing his sound, plus a remix from Aegis , moniker of our Ascetic family, Christian Gerlach.
The title track Microcosmos is a hypnotic bass heavy journey that takes the listener into the realms created by Altrd Being.
Second, Aegis’ version of Microcosmos is a mind melting interpretation, taking some of the sounds from the original and taking it to a more dance floor vibe.
Next, Canere is an experimental, dance floor oriented ambient techno track in which Altrd Being builds an ghostly ambience with suspense.
Lastly, Reason Cuatro ends the EP with a minimal, yet groovy and trippy vibe, showcasing the ideas of Altrd Being.